Formula 40pc

The 40' Pacific Cruiser is an elegant motor yacht with a top speed of 29 knots. Its elegant design provides for a comfortable meanwhile entertaining experience

29' Fever

Fountain Powerboats are smooth, fast, fast, and most dependable boat on the water. The Fountain fever has a 525HP SuperCharged Engine that pushes speeds up to 80MPH

Welcome to Chicago Motor Yacht

Providing Affordable and Fun, Yacht Celebrations in Chicago!


Captain's Offered


As long as you have a designated captain, the rest of your group are free to enjoy adult beverages during your cruise, provided they are of legal age. Drinking responsibily is an expectation of ours.

It's our pleasure to offer our U.S. Coast Gaurd Certified Captain's. Our trained captain's will provide you with the best experience tailored to your needs.